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   About the Artist

  Remember “EARTH without ART is just EH”


        For over 30 years I have perfected my soft sculpturing techniques to design and create puppets and other items. Both my background in occupational therapy and my Welsh heritage inspire and guide me in the development of these creatures.  They are designed to enhance and promote inter-active creativity in children and adults, particularly at home (e.g. as storybook companions).  As a member of The Boston Area Guild of Puppetry, I work with others to help promote the creative puppet-theatre venue.


      There has always been an appreciation in my life for art, music and theatre.  Throughout my extended family, these are common attributes.  I now ‘blame’ it on our Welsh heritage.   Until I became part of a Welsh Club and learned more about the Welsh as a heritage – I did not realize how much my family includes these Welsh traits: music, in song or instrument, storytelling, dance, theatre and all the arts that accompany them.  The ‘art’ aspect comes alive with all the sewing, crafting, woodworking, graphic arts and designing within family members too.

I have learned, (or am just geared), to enjoy almost all aspect of sewing, love color, and delight in finding ways to combine them into unusual items.  Having developed many skills in various sewing arts, I also do NOT want these arts to disappear.  Thus, I share my crafts and teach them and find venues to support others to teach them in order to help keep these arts alive. 

So -Crafting is not just a passion for me; it is part of my creative genetic makeup.

        I choose to use my art to encourage others to ‘see, feel and enjoy’ their creativity.


 “Encouraging the creative mind is one of the goals of my puppet-making business”


















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