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May 1-June 4, 2010 

Plymouth, MA  Plymouth Center for the Arts

    “A Different Vision” : A Tactile Art Show for the Visually Impaired

   Honorable Mention Award in Class 3- D art 

         “Hot Pink Dragon Extraordinaire”   (Lap Puppet)


Aug. 25-27, 2006 

Springfield, MA  “Craft Adventure”/The BIG E Needle Arts

     Second Place/Red Ribbon in Character/Dolls Division

        “Kris-Moose “ (Lap Puppet)

“Special Theme: ‘Transportation Through the Millennium’

     First Place /Blue Ribbon in Special Theme Character/Dolls Division

        “The Guys": (Character Puppets set)

     "N.D. Thal with his Stone Wheel & Har-Lee Ryder with his Motorcycle


Aug  27-29, 2004 

Springfield, MA  “Craft Adventure”/The BIG E Needle Arts

     First Place/Blue Ribbon in Character/Dolls Division  

        “Mrs. Cow” (Lap Puppet)  

Special Theme:“Seascapes”

     First Place/Blue Ribbon in Special Theme (Character/Dolls Division)

       “Mr. Salty –The Lighthouse Keeper”(Character Puppet)



2003 to present – Vendor at various Craft/Art/Celtic events ranging from 10 to 15 venues per year.   Attended events in states of FL, MA, VT, ME, NH, CT, & MD


2003 – Moved into Massachusetts and registered in MA as small solo craft business.


2002 - Moved into Florida and re-established as a small solo craft business.


1983 to 1998 - Partner in  "Country Crafts of Rochester", a local MN artisan members business.


1983 - Registered as a small business in Minnesota.


1980 –Began providing puppets as requested for purchase by others outside of family


1978 – Began sewing puppets for personal use and then volunteered sewing with local theatres in Minnesota.





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