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                  -What's New on the Tree?


  [ Here I'm showcasing my latest designs or sharing a special report about soft sculpture or fun events - ]

 Trees in Training

watch here for the newest designs.


     Where did the summer go?  it's mid Sept already - and the puppets have returned from the National festival at UCONN - what a  fun time!  All are taking a rest and getting ready for the next event - a trip to the Zeitgeist Gallery's first ever fall show in Beverly, MA.  Then there's the Art & Wine at Veasey Park, Groveland Ma., and the Holiday Fest at Waldorf School at Moraine Farm in Beverly, MA for more fun times.  Cowboy Rob is dusting off his Hat, chaps & vest, ready to show off, and Witchy will be ready to hop on her broom and fly!      Go enjoy the Fall Colors and crisp autumn air. 


AUGUST 2015  

    The Dog Days of summer have arrived.  It's been in the 90's often enough to consider it a possible heat wave.  Have been staying cool  thinking about being under water - and shown here are some of the new Octopuses.    The "Ready to Ship" puppets will be spending the week of Aug 10-15 at the National Puppet Festival in UCONN -Storrs Ct, in the  PoA's Puppet Store.   Lots of good finds will be here.   Great events scheduled for the week endign with a great Puppet Parade on Sat.  Do go check it all out

link to the Fest: 



JULY 2015

    Happy 4th of July to all !  Been busy with celebrations here.

The Cowboy now has his mustache and is waiting for his chaps & vest.  I am slowly getting the hair ready for 'ol' witchy'. 

All other preparations are geared for the National Puppet Festival

- sponsored by the Puppeteers of America -

to be held at UCONN in Storrs, CT. 

Aug 10-16 are the magical dates! check here to see it for yourself

link to the Fest: 


JUNE  2015

  Hooray for summer - it's showing up often these days - and the puppets are taking a breather, while I finish up my spring orders - the Octopus, Dragon Fly, Butterfly baby and the Blue Sculpty Dragon - With WINGS!!   Meanwhile the new characters are developing into final stages - the Cowboy  and the Aged Witch are nearly ready to be viewed.  Watch for them next month.


MAY 2015 

    It's been a lovely time here in the studio - two students

are starting on some special projects - cushions for the kitchen, and lace curtains for the pantry.  The Puppets are jumping up to be part of the Haverhill Kids Festival with three children's authors:-  The monkey and elephant relate to "Keeno and his Friends" by Maggie van Galen and the Dragon flies are flitting all around the "Underpants Dance" author Marlena Zapf, while bugs and butterflies are sharing time with author Darci M Nuttall and her "Mindful Monster" books.


APRIL 2015

   Spring arrived fiinally and the puppets are branching out- two visited the Marblehead Arts Association Spring Exhibit --Jason the VT Sheepherder and the Lavendar Plaid Dragon kept company with many other art objects for the month -



MARCH 2015

This month - I have a new puppet style -- the pop-up guys:  Raccoon and Bunny in their tree stumps -  (see photo)    These little guys  are a special order for my friend for her twin grandbabes for their first birthday!  Wishing them happy times with their new friends.


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